Sunday, 26 February 2017

2000 A.D. PROG 300 COVER...

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I've been digging in the back of a cupboard over the last few
days, trying to find whatever copies of 2000 A.D. I still have (as
you'll know if you've read the last few posts), and this is another one.
'Though I wasn't buying the comic regularly at this point, I still picked
up the occasional free gift ish, like Prog 300 above.  I got it as much
for the first part of the mini-reprint of Prog 1 as I did for the badge.
In fact, I purchased two copies so I could cut out the reprint, and
also bought single copies of the next three numbers in order
to complete the collectors' item Prog.

I no longer have the next three issues, as I disposed of them
after removing the reprint pages, so I can't show them here.  I still
have the mini-comic tucked away somewhere, but all you 2000 A.D.
fans surely know what that looks like already, so there's no need for
me to go and dig it out to show you.  Besides, you can see the front
and back cover below.  And yes, I've got the full-size first issue
as well - ain't I lucky?  Nope, it's not for sale.

Saturday, 25 February 2017


VICTORIA VETRI gives me that ol'
"come hither" look - showing just the kind
of burds you attract when you're as hand-
some as I am.  Born lucky, that's me!


Images copyright REBELLION

Ready for part two?  Well, ready or not, here it comes.  The
final lot of 2000 A.D. covers from 1979, bought back in the day by
my good self.  Think I'll have to sit down and read them all again one day,
when I have time.  Funny that the first one of this run I bought (Prog 119)
had JAMES BOND on the cover, and the last one (127) also gives him a
mention.  It's possible I bought some of the following issues after the
merger with TORNADO, but if I did, I never kept them.  (I just
didn't like the comic's return to cheaper printing.)

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Below, is this the greatest JUDGE DREDD story ever written? 
It's certainly got to be one of them, right up near the top.  Hopefully,
REBELLION won't mind me posting the full story, but it's one with a
powerful message that everyone should read.  Click on the images to
enlarge, then click again for optimum size.  Have your hankies at
the ready - this one will really move you!

Did you spot that great bit of visual humour?  "A heavy guard
on the door", with a clearly overweight judge filling the role.  I can't
help but wonder if this was indicated in JOHN HOWARD's script,
or was it JOHN COOPER's idea?  Nicely done 'though.
The above-mentioned 'SHAKY' KANE would eventually draw for IPC


Images copyright REBELLION

As promised, here's a gallery of 2000 A.D. covers from 1979,
although there'll now be two parts instead of one as I'd intended.  I've
included the JUDGE DREDD 'splash' pages because they're by BRIAN
BOLLAND and therefore worth a look.  DAVE GIBBONS' DAN DARE
pages are also worth a look, but I've got to set limits somewhere or we'd
never get on to the next post.  Anyway, better get started if we want
to see the next lot of covers and images - coming soon.

Like what you see here?  Then don't be shy - leave a comment.

I assume that the above-mentioned KEVIN SUTHERLAND is the very same one
who would later draw for The BEANO and 2000 A.D. itself.  Can anyone confirm?

2000 A.D. PROG 119, 1979...

Images copyright REBELLION

In a previous post on 2000 A.D., I mentioned that I collected
a short run of the comic back in 1979.  Having now checked, it was 9
issues in total, from Prog 119 to 127, which happened to be the first
merged issue with TORNADO.  So I thought I'd give you a look at the
first of those 9 issues, followed in an upcoming post by a cover gal-
lery of the remainder of the 9 ish run.  Interested?  Good!

I bought this issue in R.S. McColl's in my local Town Centre,
and looking at this cover now, I'm instantly returned in memory to
the interior of a shop that vacated the premises only 2 or three years
later.  It was ROGER MOORE's appearance as BOND in the soon to
be released MOONRAKER that attracted my attention, and if not
for him, it's unlikely I'd have given the comic a second glance.

Funny how our decisions are influenced on such seemingly in-
consequential things.  Back then, the weekly was still unashamedly
a comic for boys, and looking at the contents now, it's actually not a
bad little package.  It's just a shame that it was eventually hijacked by
a far older readership, and transformed into a glossy magazine for
'adults'.  There's no equivalent of 2000 A.D. for kids today, and
that's quite a sad situation when you think about it.

1990 was 11 years in the future in 1979 - now it's 27 years in the past

And here's the booklet pages the right way up to enable you to read
them properly.  Click to enlarge, then click again for optimum size.


I dunno who told EMILY PROCTER
that those gloves match that outfit, but she's
been misinformed.  I was gonna say that her
top fits like a glove, but you'd maybe think
I was suggesting she's got five nipples.

Friday, 24 February 2017



This image is getting to be a familiar sight on CRIVENS!,
but hey - what a belter, right?  I only bought the first issue of the
regular 2015 DYNAMITE comicbook because of ALEX ROSS's
'homage' to JOE KUBERT's original 1975 DC COMICS cover,
but I recently acquired the collected edition of the six-part series
and it was a nice little read.  I felt I'd just picked up from where
I'd left off back in the '70s when I was a teenager.

There's a couple of instances where the letterer has skipped
a word, which requires re-reading to catch the meaning, and the
art has some minor problems where cars (very nicely rendered)
and people aren't always proportionate size-wise, but all-in-all, if
you're a fan of pulp heroes in general and The AVENGER in
particular, then you'll enjoy this softcover volume.

Check out your local FORBIDDEN PLANET or regular
comicbook store, where you're sure to find a copy of this book
sitting on the shelves.  Remember to pay for it before you leave
'though, as it's always embarrassing being rugby-tackled on your
way out the door when you've forgotten to hand over your cash.
I wonder how long it'll be 'til HOLLYWOOD sees the poten-
tial in this property for a big-budget movie?  We'll see.

Incidentally, I'd put a clear protective cover on the book
not long before scanning, which slightly reflects the scanner's
light.  Hopefully, it doesn't impair your visual enjoyment, but
I wasn't going to risk damaging the book by taking it off and
putting it on again.  (I knew you'd understand.)

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